IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2013-01-20

blueCmdstekern: how do you use the tracing facility? Launching wth -t takes ages until the linux kernel has booted (to be expected really)12:19
blueCmdbtw it seems to work with 32 bit12:20
stekernblueCmd: you can use l.nop 8 and l.nop 9 to turn the tracing on and off14:49
stekernso just put an l.nop 8 in a strategic place14:50
blueCmdstekern: great!15:15
blueCmdi hoped there were some sort of thing like that15:15
blueCmdhah, eglibc now builds with all bells and whistles enabled - no need to bootstrap a stage2 gcc now either.17:58
stekernblueCmd: great!18:46
blueCmdstekern: yeah, that's nice. quite a number of things are unfinished (i've broken exceptions for once), but it's nice with progress18:49
blueCmdfor one*18:49

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