IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2013-01-03

stekern_franck_: nice!04:40
_franck_is the or1k toolchain endian configurable ?11:30
stekernnot anymore than or32, I think11:43
_franck_ok; that's what I though. However, I did remember some little endian patch that's why I asked11:44
_franck_that's good. Now just need to tell gdb that arch has delay slot or not. Could do it from the target configuration I think. If it's or1knd, define -D__OR1K_NODELAY__11:52
_franck_but as I'm not autoconf expert could be a very difficult task :)11:53
stekern_franck_: did part of your mail to the ml go missing, or am I just dumb that don't understand what's the question? ;)12:09
_franck_oups, was supposed to be a draft !!12:10
_franck_gmail send it !! :) (or me :))12:10
stekernheh, ok ;)12:10
_franck_ that would be a small step for openocd, one giant leap for openrisc port ;)23:49

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