IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-12-29

stekerndtlbs are starting to fall into place07:55
stekernthey are still not connected to anything though07:56
stekernand code is ugly, unoptimised and with hardcoded numbers ;)07:57
blueCmdstekern: I added -fPIC as default to my branch of gcc, I'm unsure if it's a good idea14:37
blueCmdi don't see why linking to a static library would require pic code from the beginning - assuming we require MMU14:43
blueCmd/srv/compilers/openrisc-devel/or1k-linux/sys-root/lib/ ELF 32-bit MSB shared object, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, not stripped15:39
blueCmdthat's nice :)15:39
blueCmdwhat's the status on gdb? the wiki says that it is nice and stable but I can't find any reference to where I can get it. or1k-src contains gdb, but it doesn't like my or1k-linux target (grep or32 -R gdb says almost nothing, same thing with or1k)16:21
blueCmdjust removing "--disable-gdb" makes it spit saying that the or1k target is not supported (is it trying to compile for or1k then?)16:21
blueCmdnot ported to gdb 7.5 I suppose, CGEN and stuff17:44
stekernyou should only need a to have the "static" libraries compiled with -fPIC when you are linking them statically into a dynamic library19:08
stekernyes, we are missing a more up to date gdb, iirc peter gavin was working on something, but haven't seen anything public in that regard19:10
stekernthe old stable toolchain (or32) has gdb19:10
blueCmdyes, I managed to build the old 7.2 GDB19:11
blueCmdit is quite buggy with qemu-user sadly19:11
stekernok, we should ping peter and see if he has something laying around, even something halfbaked would be better than someone starting over from scratch19:12
blueCmdah yeah19:12
blueCmdatm I'm figuring crt0 and crt1 out. uclibc is using crt0 and glibc crt1, which means that STARTFILE_SPEC needs to reflect if it's uclibc or glibc.19:12
blueCmdhacking it is no problem, but I'm a bit cautious since I can't find that any other arch have done this19:13
stekernI never figured that out, when crt0 vs crt1 should be used19:13
blueCmdand uclibc should really produce crt1.o if I understand things corretly19:13
stekernseems pretty common in uclibc to use crt1 as well19:14
blueCmduclibc should (I read somewhere) produce crt0 if CTOR_DTOR is not used, crt1 otherwise. we use ctor_dtor afaik19:14
blueCmdyes, it would be very nice indeed if we could use crt1 in both libcs19:14
blueCmd(apparently moving crt0 to crt1 and changing Makeconfig to build crt1 seems to work, no regression testing done though)22:09
blueCmdstekern: would you approve of merging the patch for target based -m uclibc/glibc?23:53

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