IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-12-22

_franck_make dist clean00:22
_franck_wrong window and wrong typo....00:23
jeremybennett_franck_: Great piece of work bringing XML feature descriptions into the GDB implementation. I've posted a load of comments on your patches - hope they are helpful.12:20
_franck_jeremybennett: ok, thanks, I'll read this but you should know I don't know what I'm exactly doing :)17:34
_franck_I'm just hacking GDB on its surface, I don't go deeply inside...17:35
stekern_franck_: heh, you seem to share my "passion" for the GNU coding style...19:26
stekernIMO, the easiest way to comply with it is to edit with Emacs in 'gnu' c-set-style mode19:27
_franck_stekern: :) thanks for the information, I'll try Emacs. But first, I need to see what this coding style is about.19:37
_franck_is there really a document defining this sh*t ?19:37
stekernthat should be it I think19:39
stekernbiggest pitfalls that emacs won't handle for you is probably putting '&&', '||' etc in the beginning of a new line instead of the end of the previous line20:00
stekernand space before '()' when calling functions, i.e. 'bar (foo)' 20:01

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