IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-12-20

stekernpoke53281: wow, way cool!04:11
stekernregarding libgmp and libmpfr, when reading up on the libs, my guess is that they are used to evaluate arithmetics on constants04:58
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blueCmdstekern: do your know anything about relro support in GCC?13:02
stekernblueCmd: nope, I'm familiar with what it means, but not at all how it is implemented13:05
stekernbut I'd assume it's in the linker, not in the compiler?13:06
blueCmdstekern: I would think that yes. I'm just for the fun of it trying to start porting glibc, and it apparenly wants relro13:08
blueCmdreading up on it atm13:08
blueCmdyeah, it looks for a GNU_RELRO section13:18
blueCmdstekern: do you have any idea why that section isn't added with or1k-gcc? I tried grepping on RELRO in gcc and it seems to be pretty much arch independent13:27
blueCmdah right, the linker! stupid me13:28
blueCmdhm, adding "COMMONPAGESIZE="CONSTANT (COMMONPAGESIZE)"" to ld/emulparams/ seems to enable relro but I have no idea what I just did :)15:07
blueCmdalso enabling CFI doesn't seem too hard, is there a reason why this hasn't been done?17:02
stekernblueCmd: probably just because no one have had time to look into it ;)17:05
stekerni.e. the slot is open for you to step in!17:07
blueCmdstekern: great17:15
blueCmdI have it working, but I guessed some numbers so it will need some testing before I submit the patch :)17:15
blueCmdor, it will need some research into what the numbers really should be17:16
stekerna glibc port is pretty high on the wishlist too, so if you sit down with that, it'd be great!17:21
blueCmdI already started :)17:22
stekerngreat :)17:22
blueCmdeglibc-port really17:22
blueCmdNot saying that it won't take a couple of months or so though - it's quite massive17:23
blueCmdbut i'm sure you know that17:23
amsShouldn't take that long to port glibc.17:27
blueCmdams: perhaps, it's not that much code (mean seems to be around 6000 per arch), but testing and making sure it works will take some time I figure17:40
blueCmdstekern: I submitted a pull request for the relro fix, it's not big ;)17:41
ErantHmm, minsoc's code could do with a bit of tidying up.18:07
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poke53281@blueCmd: glibc support would be great19:20
amsblueCmd: Nah, not much work that ... "couple of months" is quite alot of time :-)20:06
blueCmdams: I hope yoy're right :)20:28
blueCmdstekern: have you hacked anything with eh_frames? When I added the CFI support GCC started to sort of pad .eh_frame with 32 bit zeros, making ld believe the table is empty.20:30
blueCmdreally weird. it only does this on crtstuff.c and not on a simple file with only an "int main" function.20:31
blueCmdoh well, time for a break anyway20:31
stekernblueCmd: can't say I really have touched eh_frames, no21:54
stekernas you might notice, I'm not really a gnu toolchain expert ;)21:56
stekernI know the stuff I've touched, the PIC stuff, but most of the other stuff is muddy waters for me21:56
blueCmdstekern: I didn't expect you to be but since I never hacked on gcc or binutils in the past you're still an expert compared to me ;)22:20
stekernoh, you'll catch up quickly ;)22:21
stekernbut ask on, I don't mind learning from the questions22:22
blueCmdyeah, I think I'm getting the hang on it - I'll instrument gcc and see if I can hunt this down.22:22
blueCmdstekern: if you're interested; - the first case is crtendS.c from GCC after preprocessor - notice the first 0:d 32 bits in .eh_frame.22:28
blueCmdit's not there in my conftest.c which is a simple function22:28
blueCmdso atm I'm doing a binary removal to find the bad guy :)22:29
blueCmdhm that wasn't hard.. there was an asm that actually prepended 0 to the eh_frame22:30
* blueCmd will do silent work and stop spaming :)22:31
stekernheh, nono, keep using irc as your private notepad22:31
stekernI do that all the time22:32
stekerntime to go to sleep here, early morning tomorrow22:32
stekernsee you22:33
blueCmdstekern: take care!22:33

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