IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-12-07

poke53281During I developed the javascript version of the or1k I wondered whether the delayed jump in the architecture has some deeper meaning or is it just an easy way to get rid of some more complex pipeline architecture?03:34
poke53281Does someone has the answer?03:34
stekernpoke53281: "the deeper meaning" is that when the architecture was designed (around 2000) delay slots was considered "a good thing"05:14
stekernthere is work going on making that feature optional05:15
stekerni.e. updating the architectural manual, the toolchains and the major software projects using it (e.g. Linux)05:16
stekernPeter Gavin is the one that has been pushing this and done most of the job on it05:17
stekernThere's also a couple of implementations out there without delay slots05:17
stekernjuliusbs mor1kx prontoespresso for example05:18
poke53281I just realized that there is already a wikipedia article about this.05:28
stekernyou mean delay slots in general?05:37
juliusbstekern: is there an accompanying change to the mor1kx RTL for that recent mor1kx-dev-env rD pull req?13:35
juliusbI assume just asking for rD will be wrong, you need to update teh get_gpr() functions in the pipelines, right?13:36
stekernyes, you have that in (pronto)espresso right?13:38
stekernbut I realise I haven't done that change in openrisc/cappuccino13:39
stekernonly in my pipeline rework13:39
stekernah, it's only in prontoespresso that you have that13:42
stekernso, wait a bit with pulling that in then13:43
stekern...until I have an accompanying change in mor1kx for it13:44
poke53281@stekern: Yes, I didn't know this concept before.20:18

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