IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-11-17

@olofkI changed the C code to only set up the socket the first time $check_for_command is executed00:00
@olofkAnd removed a few includes00:00
@olofkI think that was it00:00
@olofkIt works really well btw. Great work00:00
@olofkoh.. and I added DEBUG_INFO as a parameter and replaced all `ifdef DEBUG_INFO with if(DEBUG_INFO)00:02
_franck_ok great, I'll make a diff then include your changes in my tree, thanks00:03
_franck_I've never seen this git repo before ;)00:05
@olofkWe set it up as an experiment about a year ago. The orpsoc repo is the only one that's up to date00:07
@olofkOh well. Time to sleep now00:08
_franck_ok good night00:11
@stekernsleeping on the exceptions in mem stage problem did wonders04:59
@stekernheh, latest synthesis results: 33 MHz13:33
@stekernluckily I know how to fix that13:33

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