IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-10-08

juliusbwoo! got u-boot running on my mor1kx pronto espresso pipeline in the cycle accurate model01:33
juliusbalso proves u-boot can be made to run on the no delay version of the tool chain with a few hacks to the start.S01:34
juliusbeCos kinda boots too03:17
juliusbit relies on UART for printing :(03:17
juliusbah and it's showing up bugs in the new core too by the looks of things :)03:35
stekernjuliusb: doesn't u-boot rely on uart for printing?10:20
juliusbit does, and it worked I guess because I saw output11:26
stekernI'm playing with getting 'fbi' working between dayjob-tasks11:58
stekernIt runs now, but since my display is at home I can't tell if it works ;)11:59
stekerncross compiling with or1k-linux is a breeze nowdays12:01
stekern./configure --host=or1k --prefix=/path/to/sysroot/usr12:02
stekernand of you go12:02
stekern./configure --host=or1k-linux --prefix=/path/to/sysroot/usr12:03
stekernonly annoyance is the or32 in all config.guess an config.sub...12:03
juliusboh cool!!12:04
stekernfind ./ -type f -name '*' -print | xargs sed -i 's/or32/or1k/'12:05
stekernfixes it though ;)12:05
stekernthat old stuff has some -coff flag which probably should be -elf too12:06
stekerndon't know what impact that has though12:06
stekernif I get this rolling and rte has a projector with hdmi input, I could use the atlys board to show my pdf-sides12:09
juliusbawesome man12:19
stekernso are the problems you see in eCos pronto-specific or mor1kx-specific?13:14
stekernI have never tested eCos on mor1kx13:15
juliusbumm to do with the pipeline I think13:23
juliusbnot the code13:23
juliusbeCos looks good, actually, another source of test code for the build13:23
juliusba bit easier to build than the GCC stuff13:24
juliusbstekern: OK we have the go ahead to use the RTE offices all day Sunday too13:59
juliusbso I'm going to re-arrange some sessions to run on the Sunday13:59
juliusbalthough, the restaurant booking is at 813:59
juliusbso we'll be in the RTE offices until about 7:30 I would assume13:59
juliusbwhich is about an hour longer than I assumed13:59
juliusbbut maybe we can space out teh stuff on Saturday a little more13:59
juliusband then we'll have more tmie for the LLVM presentation on Saturday, too14:00
juliusbso, what do you say we do the dynamic linking stuff on Sunday?14:00
juliusbstekern: are you and simoncook really going to fit your LLVM talk into 30 minutes? what do you say I allocate 50 minutes, but you can have up to an hour15:23
juliusbOk new schedule up15:28
juliusbmoer breathing space on Saturday15:28
_franck_juliusb: you can count on me for the dinner on saturday16:01
stekernjuliusb: I'm not sure how much time simoncook needs, but in the original schedule it didn't matter so much since if the LLVM talk would run long it would only cut into the dynamic linking, which I could dynamically adjust then.16:25
stekernbut what you have now is probably ok16:26
juliusbcool, yeah there'll be plenty of time hopefully16:29
juliusbthe break time isn't strict, either, it just allows time for questions and follow on but people won't feel obliged to pay strict attention I guess16:29
jeremybennettjuliusb: Looks good18:07
olofkjuliusb: You can decrease the time allocated for my talk if you need more time. I think I will have a hard time filling up 40 minutes18:44
juliusbolofk: OK, well we can surely fill it up with discussion I would expect18:49
juliusbor start the following session a bit early18:49
olofkYeah, I don't think it will be a problem to fill up the time. Just wanted to tell you if you needed to move things around18:50
juliusbnah im happy to leave it like that18:53
juliusblots of extra time around the place18:53
juliusbjeremybennett: are you around?19:33
juliusbjeremybennett: I just wanted to ask you a quick question about something in Verilator. Was wondering if I could give you a call19:36
jeremybennettjuliusb: Just on phone - free shortly.19:50
jeremybennettActually - free now19:50
jeremybennettSkype or real phone is fine19:50
juliusbAh have to run, speak to you later or tomorrow20:06
juliusbhas anyone here played with the eCos port for OpenRISC?23:39
olofkI was just going to ask if someone knew about a good place to find clipart, but your question seems way more interesting23:45
olofkAren't some of the guys who ported ecos coming to the conference?23:45

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