IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-10-06

juliusbok, delay slot-less mor1kx pipeline, "pronto espresso" appears to pass all the tests i have for it17:42
stekernhow deep is the pipeline on it (I assume as deep as espresso, but can't recall)?17:44
juliusbbasically 2 stages, fetch and execute17:44
juliusbwill neaten, document and commit17:55
juliusbmor1kx-dev-env will now use the or1k-elf- tool chain by default18:14
stekerndoesn't bother me ;)19:16
stekernI need to neaten up the registered ff/l1 so I can push my orpsoc with mor1kx19:17
stekernneaten up = hook up a parameter so you can choose it19:17
stekernit's needed for cyclone iv19:17
juliusbah right19:18
juliusbalright, all stuff pushed to my repo for now19:28
juliusbwill hopefully get around to doing some implementation stuff this weekend too19:28
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