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stekernsome progress:
stekernjeremybennett: you around?13:51
stekernI've been using your or32-linux-sim target board description to do linux/uclibc regression tests, but I've left out the "getip" stuff13:53
stekernand instead I pass the IP through an environment variable, but I wonder if that's the preferred way to do it?13:53
stekern(this of course disables the parallellism that you intended, but I don't feel like hassling with that)13:55
jeremybennettstekern: I am around13:55
jeremybennettThat sounds a reasonable thing to do. It's a left over when Linux wouldn't stay up for very long, and so we had to be able to robustly restart sessions.13:56
stekernI'd also like to pass the path to gcc and g++ to the target board file, so I don't need that hardcoded in there13:56
jeremybennettCorrect - that's an ancient historic legacy.13:56
stekernok, good, so is passing stuff into the target board file through the env the right way to do that?13:57
jeremybennettSometimes. Mostly it's through setting board parameters in the .exp file.13:58
jeremybennettset_board_info covers most things.13:58
stekernyes, but setting things in an .exp file is what I try to avoid14:00
jeremybennettset_board_info compiler  "[find_gcc]" should suffice for the compiler. All the GCC_UNDER_TEST/GXX_UNDER_TEST stuff is not needed, nor do you need set_board_info for compiler and c++compiler14:00
stekernright now I run the regression suite by: make check RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=or1k-linux-sim --target_triplet=or1k-unknown-linux-gnu" OR1K_IP=""14:01
jeremybennettThe .exp file is where you define what the board does.14:01
jeremybennettSo if it is a property of the board (for example if it supports interrupts) it does there.14:01
jeremybennettFine to put variables like the specific IP address in the environment14:01
jeremybennettThat's not a property of the board, but of the particular instance of a test run.14:02
stekernyes, exactly.14:02
stekernbut [find_gcc] will use the just built gcc, right?14:03
stekernand not an installed one14:03
jeremybennettWhich is usually what you want. My hacks were about forcing an installed one to be sued.14:03
jeremybennettWhich latterly was wrong!14:04
stekernah, well if you do make && make install it shouldn't matter ;)14:04
stekernbut if you've configured with --with-sysroot= it should find the right libs anyway14:05
stekernbut I like that hack, since I'd like to try out running the regression suite with clang/llvm in the future and now I know how to do that ;)14:05
jeremybennettYes - you'll need it for Clang/LLVM. We'll be interested in seeing how you get on with that. We can discuss in Sweden next month14:08
stekernanother question: in what situations should crt0 and in what should crt1 be used?14:37
stekerngoogling for it gives mixed answers14:38
jeremybennettI don't know much about crt1. I've always used crt0.15:34
stekerni386 seems to use crt0 when -static is passed15:39
stekernwe have a halfbaked crt1.S in uClibc too15:39
stekerneither way, I've added PIC support in crt0.S (it's needed for PIE support), so I'll continue to use that for now15:40
* _franck_ don't know with his de1 board being unstable18:44
_franck_sometimes it works sometimes not18:44
_franck_SDRAM problem ? It works fine with NIOS....18:44
stekernwhat sdram controller is used when you run nios?18:59
stekerncan you try using that and see if it's unstable then too?18:59
_franck_I can't because it is only available in sopc builder / qsys19:04
_franck_I'll try your old version of sdram controller and versatile_mem_controller too19:05
_franck_where is the versatile controller version in your de2-115 port coming from ?19:06
_franck_not the opencores svn repo19:06
stekernfrom the actel board port19:06
_franck_ah ok, the actel port is from opencores team19:07
stekernwhat is the output from sopc?19:08
_franck_a blackbox19:08
_franck_may be I could only put the sdram controller and export all signals19:09
_franck_I don't know if it works19:09
stekernyeah, that what I was thinking19:09
stekernI think I've done something like that19:09
_franck_then I need use an arbiter and no burst19:10
stekerntrue, perhaps it's not worth the trouble19:12
_franck_qsys is happy with a clock source and the sdram controller only...19:14
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