IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-09-19

juliusbstekern: C++ dynamic linked apps are alive??05:59
stekernjuliusb: jupp06:08
stekerngcc pic support is starting to fall in place06:09
stekernyou're up early/late btw06:09
stekernI think I've actually replaced all the PIC code Giuseppe added :/ not that it was bad, more that I didn't understand parts of it completely06:11
stekernI guess it's justified if it makes the code more easily understandable anyway06:13
juliusbahh, I'm in the US06:25
juliusbon a road trip through the south, in Clarksdale Mississippi atm ;)06:25
stekernaha, that explains it, sounds nice06:26
juliusbeating catfish and drinking american spirits06:26
juliusbyeah, also explains the radio silence on the OpenRISC event06:26
stekernour road trips are a bit more modest, we went up to Turku and spent the weekend in Naantali Spa ;)06:29
juliusbi bet it was still nice, perhaps less open carrying of handguns06:30
stekernyup, and more walking around in batrobes06:30
stekernbatrobe, that's perhaps batmans cape?06:31
juliusbhaha perhaps06:37
juliusbOK wiki page updated06:45
juliusbproves i'm still alive and that the event is going ahead under shelter :)06:45
juliusbdrop back in a couple of days06:45
stekerngood good06:52
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