IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2012-09-13

stekernha! it was actually really simple to emit "a plt() if -fPIC"05:42
_franck_what a coincidence ! I've never been to sweden, I was supposed to come for the first time for or1k meeting....ok10:21
_franck_but we have a problem with a customer and next week I need to go to .....sweden !10:22
stekern_franck_: =)11:04
stekernis it to stockholm too?11:04
stekernsimoncook: as you probably noted, I pulled your integrated-as work11:05
stekernI've noticed that the instructions are emitted reversed though11:06
_franck_stekern: I'm not sure where it is, it is not our direct customer11:08
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juliusbRTE have confirmed we can use their office for the OpenRISC Project Meeting16:04
juliusbSo we have a definite for the venue16:04
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stekernjuliusb: nice16:58
jeremy_bennettjuliusb: Good news. I have my flights booked, arriving 5pm on Friday, flying out at 6:30 on Sunday.17:06
stekernI just learned the hard way that the PIC_OFFSET_TABLE_REGNUM define has a special meaning...20:28
stekernI replaced it with a define to the got reg in .md and hell broke loose..20:45
stekernnice, now offsets from got to symbol moves works too20:51
stekernwhich means the PIC support in gcc is pretty complete20:59
stekernonly thing to figure out is how to express that the gotreg is needed when a funtion has calls21:01

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