IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-08-25

_franck_then I'll write something on openOCD, the bootrom and barebox01:23
_franck_do you think the mor1kx is going to "replace" the or1200 as the reference implementation ?01:26
_franck_I'm asking this because I'd like to write a documentation on the RTL implementation on the core01:27
_franck_so I'd like to know which one should be described :)01:27
stekern_franck_: future will tell, or1200 is still more "complete" and has been around a long time, so it is probably going to be used for a long time still06:03
stekernon an other note; Woho, I've wrestled llvm into producing some simple PIC code! =)06:04
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jeremybennett_franck_: Nice article09:26
stekernindeed nice article _franck_ 12:43
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goofaczHi all! I'm going to modify GCC for OpenRISC because I'm involved in academic project wxtending OpenRISC. I'd like to know what's current status of GCC port for OpenRISC. Is it stable? Are you going to update GCC to 4.6 or higher soon or I should focus on 4.5?23:04

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