IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-08-22

joniboyay... github... finally!09:32
stekernjonibo: :)09:49
juliusbthe more I work with git the more I like it11:33
juliusbdoes anyone know the maximum size of a github repo?13:13
juliusbmy mor1kx deevelopment environment i want to upload is about 23M13:14
juliusbbut pushing to the server isn't working because of the size I believe13:14
jeremybennettTiny compared to GCC.13:14
jeremybennettThere is something about size in the help documentation. I didn't think there was a hard limit  - more about how you use the system.13:15
juliusbah no13:16
juliusbi just had to up my postbuffer13:16
juliusbgit config http.postBuffer 5242880013:16
juliusbthat did he trick13:16
juliusbyes, there's no hard limit, but they want to you keep repos to under 1GB13:17
juliusbI just upped the development environment to my github account13:17
juliusb(the mor1kx one)13:17
juliusbI lost the history because I wanted to start the repo again due to checking in a weird version of or1ksim a while back which isn't really needed13:18
juliusbplus I thought the size of the history of that was killing the upload13:18
juliusbso, anyway, no history on that guy unfortunately13:18
juliusbthe mor1kx espresso core passes all its RTL tests and the verilator model builds, but has some trace bugs13:18
juliusbbut it too passes the RTL tests13:18
juliusbthe cappuccino core, not so much13:18
stekernheh ;)13:27
stekernit might if you hardcode the icache enable signal to 113:28
juliusbI did13:42
juliusbit broke if that wasn't the case13:42
juliusbsome things run13:42
juliusbothers don't, but it may be my meddling13:43
stekernok, I'll take a look at it. IIRC it passed all tests when I last poked at it ;)13:43
stekern(presuming that the test-suite is still pretty much the same?)13:43
stekernhmm, either I'm experiencing bitroot on my hd or in my brain, but I can't get the old devenv to run at all...13:57
stekernI just run make rtl-tests in boards/generic/mor1kx/sim/run, right?13:59
juliusbshould be14:00
juliusbwhat's wrong?14:00
juliusbare you using the latest mor1kx with the older mor1kx-dev-env?14:09
juliusbid' use the new mor1kx-dev-env with the new mor1kx14:09
juliusbthe monitor needs to be chagned because all the hierarchical references should now be to cappuccino where it used to be fourstage14:10
stekernthat was the old dev-env with the old mor1kx14:13
stekerni.e. what's on my hd last time I poked at it14:13
stekernjust wanted to be able to something "known to have worked"14:15
juliusbshould have worked14:48
stekernok, so I found the problem, it's fixed and pushed14:53
juliusbwith new mor1kx against new dev-env?14:53
stekerna minor mismerge from espresso14:54
stekernjuliusb: hmm, or1ktrace expects the new toolchain, but in the old-style kind of tree right?15:37
juliusbmmm not sure :(16:44
juliusbi hvaen't rebuilt it with the new stuff yet16:44
stekernI'm trying to build it against your binutils now, but there are some problems there too17:50
juliusbI'm off to Kazakhstan for a few days, will be out of contact I expect :)19:26
juliusbyou never know though!19:26
stekernKazakhstan, sounds interesting20:16
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