IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-08-20

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juliusb_stekern: you around?23:06
-!- juliusb_ is now known as juliusb23:06
juliusbso i'm wanting to push the mor1kx stuff to a github repo23:09
juliusbi haven\'t really done anything for a few months23:09
juliusbI figure I'll put it out there though23:09
juliusbbut I'm wondering what to do with the branches23:09
juliusbI have a branch for each version, the fourstage, espresso23:10
juliusbwas goinng to merge my fourstage (main) and espresso23:10
juliusbi notice the cappuccino branch is there now23:11
juliusbso... wondering if I should try to merge that in23:11

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