IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-08-13

simoncookstekern: Hello, you may remember me, jeremybennett introduced me about a month ago. I've been looking at the or1k llvm stuff, I'm wondering how I might be able to help with it without replicating something youve already been working on.00:06
stekernsimoncook: There is that small todo in README.or1k (but that's not complete), and I try to push often and early, so what's on github is close to my working tree.05:21
stekernSo, basically, pick anything you like. You can of course drop a line here to make me (and possible others) aware of what you're intending to work on05:23
stekernjuliusb_: I think I've figured it out myself, keep away from anything that has "THIS FILE IS MACHINE GENERATED WITH CGEN." in the header and feed configure with --enable-cgen-maint06:22

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