IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-07-30

stekerndoes or1k as understand any kind of floating point representation of constants?08:28
stekernI'd like to do something like this: l.movhi r3,hi(5.7)08:28
stekerninteresting, gcc seems to always use constant pools to load fp constants20:08
stekerninstead of a movhi-ori20:09
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stekernI just pushed (_very_) limited floating point support to llvm-or1k07:30
stekern(only lf.add.s supported so far :))07:30
Jiagood news07:32
jeremybennettI've noticed the mailing lists ( and have been silent for 3 weeks. Is it just summer holidays, or are they down?10:30
stekernyeah, I guess holidays too10:46
stekernactivity here and in #opencores have dropped too10:48
jeremybennettstekern: I've noticed IRC has been quite quiet10:53
stekernmostly me keeping monologues ;)11:08
jeremybennettI know. But interesting monologues nonetheless.11:50
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stekernall fp alu instructions are now supported, next task is trickier, setup the fp setflag instructions23:42

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