IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-07-23

stekernbah, clang insists on aligning long longs to 8 byte boundaries12:30
stekernbecause overaligning long longs "improves performance", shouldn't that be determined per target...12:36
juliusbstekern: why does that matter so much?12:51
juliusbI mean, it might be nice to allow arbitary alignment of such data, but in our case, how is it undesirable?12:55
stekernjuliusb: because our stack is aligned at 4 bytes, so it's unconvinient to force alignment higher than that, since we are not guaranteed that the stack pointer will be aligned at anything > 413:08
stekernon function entry13:08
stekernso to guarantee that a long long gets aligned to 8 bytes, we would need to read in the value in r1, mask out the lower bits and put our object there. And then keep track of that location (since this isn't a frame-offset anymore)13:11
stekernthat's at least my understanding13:12
stekern(and this all matters extra much since llvm uses the alignment of an object to determine if it can fold (a+b) => (a|b), and if we can't assure the alignment of the object that fold is bogus)13:15
stekernwhere a (possibly) is the framepointer, and b (possibly) is a constant offset13:17
stekernotoh, a user could always override the alignment with the aligned attribute14:46
stekerninterestingly, gcc just overrides that and set the alignment to 414:48
stekernsorry, no, it doesn't14:53
stekernah, and it is doing the dance with r1 I described above14:58
stekernso, consensus is, overaligning is a performance hit, but I'll need to do the r1 dance to properly handle values that might be overaligned14:59
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stekernactually, 4.8.0 masks the 4 lower bits of r1 out and uses a new register as a pointer to the object, 4.5.1 does not15:58
stekern(for an alignment of 16)15:59
stekernI wonder if that's something generic that has changed or if it's some target specific change that has been done in between16:01
stekernis there a good reason why l.andi zero-extends the imm and not sign-extend?23:22
stekernoh, great... it optimizes away my stack realigning code23:49
stekernscratch that, it optimized away the whole stack object, thus no need to realign the stack ;)23:52
* stekern is the master of monologues...23:53

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