IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-07-18

derRichardmaximi89: what about
derRichardsee /topic00:01
stekerncool, I'm able to compile an openrisc linux kernel with clang/llvm now20:41's not quite running properly though :/20:42
derRichardis the problem openrisc specific? building linux with clang can be "interesting"20:43
stekernno idea yet, just got it compiling... was a couple of things that needed fixing in our backend before it swallowed the code20:45
stekernI needed to change very little in the kernel itself20:46
stekernthink I patched two places, one which probably should/could go upstream20:46
stekernan extern inline func(){}20:47
derRichardwhy is extern inline bad?20:48
stekernthe other one was a register declaration for r10, but since that is reserved I just made an inline asm that reads it20:48
stekernit's not c99 compliant20:48
derRichardso what?20:48
derRichardgcc inline is not c99 inline :)20:48
stekernyeah I know20:48
jeremybennettstekern: There was a talk at the last LLVM meeting about building Linux with Clang (I think for ARM) - you might find that a useful point of reference.20:49 has also a few articles on this topic20:50
stekernderRichard: yes, I know the difference between gnu inline and c99 inline (I could probably get around it by compiling with -std=gnu89, which I probably should try anyways), but in this case it's an empty function declared in a single place, I don't see the point having it declared extern inline21:08
stekernI could be missing something though21:08
stekernfor reference, the function is prepare_to_copy21:10
derRichardmy kernel does not have such a function21:10
derRichardlinus' tree as of today21:10
derRichardit got already removed in upstream21:12
stekernheh, problem solved ;)22:07
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