IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-07-11

jeremybennettGood morning all11:14
jeremybennetthi stekern12:23
stekernstill no comments on my transparent_union query and patch :(12:31
juliusbstekern: your patch to llvm list or ours?12:32
stekerncfe-dev :)12:32
stekernand cfe-commits12:32
stekern(i.e. clang lists)12:32
juliusbah ok12:33
juliusbwas wondering if you'd posted to ours, because I hadn't seen it12:33
stekernwell well, I'm going to push my (slightly ugly) patch to our port, then it's at least working for us :)12:33
stekernfound another bug to keep myself busy in the meantime, passing structs by value is broken12:36
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jeremybennettstekern: where was the post to LLVM?14:52
stekernjeremybennett: I did two posts, one to cfe-dev describing the problem and a follow-up patch to cfe-commits14:58
Jiastekern: llvm-commits?14:59
stekernJia: no, since this is strictly clang specific14:59
Jiadidn't you summit OR1K Target>14:59
stekernJia: no, that's not done yet ;)15:03
JiaI did plan I'll working on it when I finish qemu fot testing use. You made it before than me :)15:04
stekernah, but you're still more than welcome to help out! :)15:05
Jiaand, will gcc/binutils be summit by someone?15:06
stekernpeter gavin have been working on that, don't know what he's future plans on it is though15:07
Jiastekern: U-Boot is ported by you, also?15:08
stekernjuliusb did the initial porting, I finished it off and submitted it upstream15:09
Jiaverilog, system programming... he can do so much15:12
Jiaand you, system programming compiler...15:12
stekernwell, I've done my far share of verilog/VHDL as well :)15:13
stekernlow level work, that's what's fun15:14
Jiawhy you are all so all-purpose? sorry I'm sure what word should I use.15:14
stekernfor me that's what makes this project interesting, it got a wide spectra of interesting problems to solve15:16
Jiafor me that's catch your step15:17
_franck_Jia: if you are looking something to work on, you could port some drivers to barebox ;)15:18
Jia_franck_: nope, I'm looking for some code to write, I hope I can help, but I can't spend too much time, sorry for that15:19
stekernthe biggest problem with having a broad area of interests is that you never really become an expert at anything...15:21
Jiamaybe 10 years :L)15:23
_franck_a know that probel stekern , in my day job I can do high speed pcb, vhdl, linux drivers, mecatronic, electronic design,...15:23
_franck_well it's may be not a problem15:23
stekern_franck_: :)15:44
jeremybennettstekern: Thanks - I only follow llvm-dev, not cfe.15:50

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