IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-07-04

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stekernjeremybennett: I found out what the problem was with the hw-float issue in:,OpenRISC,0,493515:28
stekernyou already committed a fix for it in late 2011 ;)15:29
stekernit's a bit curious that it's not included in the experimental 4.8.0 port though...15:30
jeremybennettstekern: Good news.17:58
jeremybennettSo that should mean the hw-float should work with CVS top of tree?17:58
jeremybennettDepends when 4.8.0 branched. jonibo was working on it before then, so may not have picked up the patch.17:59
jeremybennettI mean SVN top of tree - just seen your post - it works OK.18:00
stekernyes, looking at the changelog, guiseppe branched away sometime mid-201118:32
stekernjuliusb have rolled in some of the fixes after that, but obviously this one got left out18:32

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