IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-07-02

derRichardstekern: does clang not support it or does it need some openrisc related work?00:06
derRichardtransparent_union is not really a new thing. but it's rather unknown (it was also to me)00:06
stekernderRichard: clang supports it. but does it wrong (casts the function argument to union and threat it as such instead of using the calling convention of the first member of the union)06:12
stekernit's not openrisc specific06:13
derRichardstekern: ufff. have you filed a bug?10:26
stekernnot yet, I'll probably ask on the cfe-dev list soon10:49
stekernit probably works ok on x86 since it expands small records10:50
stekernone thing that is a bit unclear in the gcc description of the transparent_union is what should happen if you pass the union itself as an argument11:00
jeremybennettstekern: Good question for amylaar when he's on. He's a bit of a C language lawer.11:01
stekernyeah, I guess it's more of a hypothetical question, it's not intended to be used that way11:24
derRichardas transparent_union is gcc specific a c language lawer won't help much :)11:26
mbufis there a gcc toolchain (that uses glibc) available for OpenRISC?12:12
jeremybennettNo port of glibc yet. There are uClibc and newlib implementations.12:14
derRichardmbuf: the gcc port does not support dynamic libs. so no glibc12:15
mbufderRichard: jeremybennett I see12:16
mbufI just joined the openrisc mailing list12:16
jeremybennettderRichard: you can construct a static linked glibc12:16
jeremybennettsupport for dynamic linking is a separate issue - it also affects uClibc.12:16
mbufjeremybennett: I see12:17
jeremybennettmbuf: What do you want glibc specifically?12:17
derRichardjeremybennett: AFAIK you cannot build glibc without a dyn linker12:17
mbufjeremybennett: are there any TODO tasks related to toolchain that one can start to help with?12:17
mbufjeremybennett: if one wants to build bash and other RPMs12:17
jeremybennettderRichard: Do you mean "build" or "use". The entire OpenRISC tool chain is run on a separate host (it is a cross compiler).12:18
derRichardjeremybennett: build and use :P12:18
jeremybennettYou can certainly build a static glibc. The only question is whether building glibc-static requires a dynamic glibc be built first.12:23
derRichardjeremybennett: AFAIK it does12:23
jeremybennettLooking at what others have done, it seems you need a few extra tweaks beyond just --disable-shared in the configuration, to deal with various utilities.12:23
derRichardglibc is everything else than embedded friendly :D12:23
jeremybennettderRichard: agreed - hence my question of why mbuf wanted glibc!12:24
derRichardif you want "real" userspace you have to have glibc12:24
jeremybennettWhat do you mean by "real"12:25
derRicharde.g. a sane libpthread12:25
derRichardsane futex() support...12:25
jeremybennettI think that glibc has a better implemenation of libpthread than uClibc, but I am not sure there is a causal dependency.12:25
derRichard*much* better12:26
jeremybennettSimilarly with futex.12:26
jeremybennettBasically by being much bigger glibc doesn't have to cut corners. But I think if you really wanted just good pthread or futex, you could achieve that in an embedded library by compromising elsewhere.12:27
jeremybennettAs far as I can see uClibc has not bee very actively developed for some years. There are alternatives around, but I don't have a good feel for whether any of them are better.12:28

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