IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-05-22

stekerncmov gives about a 3% increase in dhrystone09:47
stekernalmost none in coremark09:48
stekernand coremark crc fails with it enabled, could be (and probably is) a llvm bug09:49
stekerncmov at least passes the testcases I've put up, so the implementation should be ok09:50
stekernaltera map report suggests that 27 LE got eaten up by the implementation09:56
juliusbmm, interesting15:44
juliusbwell it's probably a 32-bit MUX15:45
stekernyeah, the numbers are probably not exact, I compared for the whole soc just19:57
stekern27 le is not much to cry about anyways ;)19:57

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