IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-05-15

stekernOk, llvm jump tables is now working; llvm is slightly slower (45.6 iter/sec) in coremark than gcc4.5.1 (47.7 iter/sec) and gcc4.8.0 (48.3 iter/sec)06:28
Jiadoes linux-or32 still need lzop?08:21
jeremybennettstekern: Good progress11:00
juliusbJia: lzop?15:49
juliusbstekern: which bit about the sim didn't you get? how to use it?15:49
juliusbi haven't looked at exaclt how he's done it, but in minei had to hack in a few bits and pieces to make it start up correctly15:50
stekernno, how to properly use the 'cd' command (see ml) :)15:50
stekernI have all my build directories as build-<src_tree_name>15:51
stekernand I had cd'ed out from build-or1k-dejagnu and was suppose to cd into build-or1k-gcc, but I had cd'ed back into build-or1k-dejagnu...15:52
stekernafter correcting my mistake it runs fine15:55
juliusbah cool16:21
stekern# of unexpected failures        235416:31
stekernI don't know how that compares to peter's results16:32
stekernah, that was libstdc++16:35
juliusbmmm i got my version down to 13 unexepected failures17:01
stekerndo you got the link to the result page nearby?17:03
stekerncan't seem to find it now17:03
jeremybennettjuliusb: Looking good. Was that C and C++? Any unexpected passes or unresolved (usually timeouts)?17:03
stekernah, found it17:04
juliusbI haven't touched that for a few weeks17:27
juliusbnever got to the bottom of them all but nothing seems fatal17:27
juliusbor nothing seems impossible17:27

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