IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2012-05-13

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stekernsome more compiler/toolchain comparisons: gcc4.8.0 did indeed perform about the same at -O2 as gcc4.5.1 at -O3 when compiling my membenchmark12:07
stekerngcc4.8.0 was slightly slower than gcc4.5.1 in dhry at -O2 (0.88 for gcc4.8.0 and 0.92 for gcc4.5.1)12:07
stekernclang was way behind at 0.5, I checked what slowed it down so much and it was the strcpys being done as memcpys, could be me doing something suboptimal in our backend12:09
stekerngcc4.8.0 is slightly faster than gcc4.5.1 in coremark12:09
stekernour llvm backend can't compile coremark yet (missing support for jumptables), so I have no data on that12:10

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