IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2012-05-05

stekernquestion to toolchain gurus: how does insertion of global addresses at link-time work?07:25
stekernis a: l.movhi rX, hi(addr); l.ori rX, rX, lo(addr) sequence expected?07:26
stekernI've got a l.ori rX, r0, lo(addr) for a < 16-bit address, and when linking that with newlib it turns into l.ori r0, r0, lo(addr)07:27
stekernthat a movhi, ori sequence will always be needed is pretty clear, my l.ori rX, r0 is a bug, but still, how does it work?07:32
pgavinjuliusb: are you here?15:02
hjyWhat is the difference openrisc1000 and openrisc100?17:38
hjyopenrisc1200 and openrisc100017:41
pgavinopenrisc1000 (aka or1k) is a generic name for all machines in the architecture17:51
pgavinopenrisc1200 is a specific implementation17:51 web site can't be opened!20:19
gxtiworks for me20:38
juliusbpgavin: here now22:37
_franck_how could a binary behave differently with and without icache enable (the icache is invalidate at startup) ?23:56

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