IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-05-02

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stekernyay, our llvm backend finally grocks constructs like: if (a > b) return 0; else return 1;07:02
juliusbstekern: nice :)12:25
stekernour l.sfXX (and the fact that l.cmov is optional) is a tad annoying12:32
juliusboh ya13:00
juliusbLLVM could use them?13:00
juliusbwell, l.cmov?13:00
juliusbhey mate13:06
jemarchall good?13:07
juliusbso I should perobably do a post to the mailing list on this13:07
juliusbbut i'm really thinking it would be nice of later this year we could organise a weekend, probably in stockholm, as a bit of an openrisc conference13:07
juliusba day of presentations and discussions13:08
juliusband beer13:08
juliusba lot of beer13:08
juliusband we should probably organise it earlier than later13:08
stekernmmm, beer!13:12
stekernyes, llvm could use l.cmov (and with a lot less hassle than with branches as is now necessary)13:14
jeremybennettA one day OpenRISC conference is a good idea.13:16
stekernI agree13:18
juliusbSo I'd propose after the summer, in Stockholm, say september or so13:20
juliusbon a Saturday13:20
juliusbI'll post to the mailing list this weekend about it.13:21
juliusbBut I would guess that September is far enough out that it may still be available in people's calendars13:22
juliusbit can be any time, actually, I just picked september because it's not too cold or dark in Scandinavia at that point  :)13:23
juliusbAnyway, it'd be good to pick a date which results in the most amount of people being able to make it13:23
juliusband then just find a room with a projector (and a fridge for beer!)13:24
juliusbso pick a date which is friendly and then a month or so out arrange who will speak on what (based on who's been hacking on what)13:26
juliusbi reckon we'd easily fill a day with intersting goings on from the community13:26
jeremybennettYou want to pick a day before University term starts, but after the main summer vacation. That way you get the academics to turn up.13:27
jeremybennettMight be worth asking Stefan Wallentowitz for good dates.13:27
juliusbthat's usually early september/late august13:28
stekernhow delightful, after updating to ubuntu 12.04, git-svn and multi-process gdb stopped working13:43
stekernand emacs got an ugly background color13:46
stekernI guess the last one is a punishment for settling with the default and not tweaking enough ;)13:47
jeremybennettMy emacs is fine13:54
stekernbefore the background was white, now it got gray13:56
stekern(in non-console mode that is)13:57

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