IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-04-27

gxtiis there a more expedient way to get software to a ORPSoC on a digilent atlys than using impact? at the rate it's going now it'll be at least 30m, and this is just testing with dhrystone... if anything goes wrong, i have to start over01:13
gxtioh, the percentages were way out. still, 12m30s isn't great. hopefully everything is working and i can just load uboot and forget about it...01:18
gxtinever mind, digilent tool is much faster. everything worked on the first shot :D01:41
jemarchanother channel!12:47
jeremybennettHi jemarch13:04
jemarchjeremybennett: hi again :)13:04
juliusbhi all13:28
jeremybennettHi Julius - you missed a good OSHUG last night13:28
gmarkallyes, the compere was excellent13:39
jeremybennettHa ha. I thought that was the weak spot :)13:54
juliusbjeremybennett: ah, it completely slipped my mind, oh well16:12
juliusblooks like there was a lot of hardware there!16:12
juliusbstekern: yes, ok I'll structure it like that16:15
juliusbwill work on it over the weekend16:15
juliusbhopefully looking to submit this for review here next week so hopefully can put it up immediately after that16:15
_franck_juliusb: about the debug stuff (again :))16:17
juliusbbtw, for anyone who's interested, I got the OK from my employer to be able to release the CPU implementation I've been working on16:17
juliusbsoh opefully I can put it up next week16:17
_franck_can you tell me if ou can break than contiune with or_debug_prox or your openocd ?16:17
juliusbah yes, sorry _franck_16:17
_franck_stekern wasn't sure16:17
juliusbummm, could certainly do it with or_debug_proxy, I thought it worked OK on openocd, too16:17
_franck_"could" "thought" :) but if it didn't work we would now I guess16:19
_franck_I'll ask on the forum if someone can confirm16:19
juliusbyes, it works I'm sure on or_debug_proxy because we used it a lot16:19
juliusbi can't exactly remember with openocd but I wouldn't have marked it as working if it didn't16:19
juliusbstopping and then resuming16:19
_franck_stopping with ctrl+c or breakpoint ?16:20
juliusbstopping with breakpoint16:21
_franck_ok I'll see if my RTL is up to date (I'm using the one in stekern repo, it is from orpsoc v2)16:22
juliusbOK, I doubt it's an issue with the RTL16:22
_franck_may be an issue with adv_debug_sys16:23
juliusbpossibly :(16:25
stekernjuliusb: sounds good19:20

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