IRC logs for #openrisc Monday, 2012-04-23

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juliusbyes, true, my proposal does make the shortcut mandatory11:05
juliusbok, but multi-way is still not sorted out11:05
stekernhmm, what needs to get sorted out with multi-way?11:07
stekernif you implement according to spec, I don't think it's unclear how to handle it(?)11:08
juliusbOk, but can you cheat with that too?11:13
juliusbdo we need any clarification in the spec at all on the cache block invalidation?11:14
stekernyes, you can cheat with that too, it's not elegant, but I can't see that it would cause any other problems than performance degredation11:15
stekernand the performance issue of course grow with the number of ways11:15

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