IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-04-10

jonibonollan: you are probably using the default config which requires that you telnet into the console11:41
jonibosee you or1ksim.cfg file and check if it is setup to use telnet or xterm11:41
nollanjonibo: i checked and channel is xterm11:42
jonibodo you get an xterm window?11:42
nollansame message in that "ok. booting the kernel"11:42
nollanbut i've made some progress on this, i used or32-elf-sim from openrisc toolchain11:42
jonibowhat linux version?11:42
nollannow i've downloaded and compiled or1ksim and it now boots, with stack dumps, but still11:43
nollanit's the version that comes from openrisc repo, i think his name was jonas11:43
joniboso Linux boots for you, but you get a stack dump?11:45
jonibocare to put it into a pastebin?11:45
nollanyes. some folks in #opencores helped me with it and they got the same results11:45
nollansure, np just wait a sec11:45
jonibook, thanks...11:52
jonibointeresting, I'm not seeing that here11:52
joniboyour xterm should still be responsive though...11:53
jonibois it?11:53
nollanit is11:53
jonibook, good11:53
jonibothat's with a defconfig?11:53
joniboi'll look into it11:54
nollanit dumps loads and then works as normal, tho i haven't exactly stress-tested it or something11:54
nollanyep default config from arch/openrisc/or1ksim.cfg11:54
nollannp, thank you!11:55
jonibostekern, juliusb_: do we consider the DSX bug to be a "acceptable"?12:06
joniboi don't see it documented anywhere, in the or1200 spec, for example...12:07
joniboit really is a terrible handicap12:07
stekernDSX bug?12:07
jonibothe DSX bit doesn't get set when it's supposed12:07
jonibosupposed to12:07
joniboit's supposed to get set when you get an exception in a delay slot12:08
jonibois it really so difficult to fix?12:08
stekernI don't think it would be, but that's me guessing ;)12:09
stekernI though that was marked as optional in the arch spec, but I can't find it being that now when looking12:10
jonibofunny... that was exactly what I remembered too... why do we remember that as being optional?  I can't find it now either12:10
stekernsince it's not optional and it's not working, I'd say that qualifies as not-acceptable12:18
jonibostekern: ok... I think I'll proceed accordingly then12:19
joniboI hope somebody else chimes in if they have a different opinion...12:20
stekernjonibo: trying to reproduce nollan's bug with a newly built kernel from the head of your tree I get this:
stekernwith trace on I get this:
stekernc00047e0 <arch_local_save_flags>:13:39
stekernc00047e0:       b5 60 00 11     l.mfspr r11,r0,0x1113:39
stekernc00047e4:       44 00 48 00     l.jr r913:39
stekernc00047e8:       a5 6b 00 06     l.andi r11,r11,0x613:39
stekernc00047ec <arch_local_irq_restore>:13:39
stekernc00047ec:       d7 e1 17 fc     l.sw 0xfffffffc(r1),r213:39
stekernc00047f0:       9c 21 ff fc     l.addi r1,r1,0xfffffffc13:39
stekernc00047f4:       b4 80 00 11     l.mfspr r4,r0,0x1113:39
stekernc00047f8:       9c 40 ff f9     l.addi r2,r0,0xfffffff913:39
stekernc00047fc:       e0 84 10 03     l.and r4,r4,r213:39
stekernc0004800:       e0 64 18 04     l.or r3,r4,r313:39
stekernc0004804:       c0 00 18 11     l.mtspr r0,r3,0x1113:39
stekernc0004808:       9c 21 00 04     l.addi r1,r1,0x413:39
stekernc000480c:       44 00 48 00     l.jr r913:39
stekernc0004810:       84 41 ff fc     l.lwz r2,0xfffffffc(r1)13:39
stekernc0004814 <or1k_pic_mask>:13:39
stekernthat was suppose to go to a pastebin :/13:40
stekernc0004810 is in arch_local_irq_restore as you can see13:41
nollanstekern: that looks like my output when I used or32-elf-sim15:36
jonibostekern: thanks... I can't reproduce that warning, for some reason15:59
joniboit's realated to some core change in Linux RCU (obviously)15:59
joniboit may go away by itself15:59
joniboor it may require a tweak to the architecture bits in order to match some expectation in the core code15:59
joniboi'll look into it this evening16:00
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jonibo_juliusb_: you around?22:47

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