IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-04-06

nollanhi, I'm trying to build the toolchain in cygwin, but it fails on uClibc:
nollanI've gone thru everything, and it seems to be correct, according to
nollanany pointers very appreciated. thanks01:57
derRichardnollan: the howto is not for cygwin02:03
nollanderRichard: I understand that. I'm not a experienced user of Cygwin, nor Windows, but I need it to work on Windows. Maybe I am trying to do the impossible :)02:07
derRichardyeah, but then you are one your own02:08
derRichardbuilding toolchains sucks02:08
nollanyep, in linux it worked flawlessly of course02:08
derRichardbecause the toolchain is designed to be built on linux02:09
nollanall this is just because my jtag doesn't work under linux, maybe i should have put more effort into solving that, than going win02:10
nollanthanks anyway02:13
nollanit was a longshot anyway... :)02:23
jeremybennettGood morning all11:19
KeeWee1good morning11:25
KeeWee1yesterday I attended a nice conference in Paris from Altera for their OpenCL support11:26
KeeWee1it looks very promising to convert "easily" some raw C algorithm11:26
KeeWee1I was wondering if someone had already the chance to play with the OpenCL toolkit from Altera ?11:27
KeeWee1I was also wondering if there would be a possibility to use the generated output of a OpenCL compilation as part of a Core to be integrated on ORSOC ?11:27

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