IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-04-04

unicos_franck_: I have working shell on linux 3.3! thanks for the tip05:52
chengcaiI am a newer of this room07:33
_franck_unicos: great news :)08:22
chengcainobody online?09:16
_franck_me :)10:09
_franck_there is more people in the opencores room10:10
jeremybennettgood morning all10:43
Lysandroshello, does anyone know where I could read about the fpu support of OR1200?11:54
LysandrosI've found some references but nothing exhaustive11:54
Lysandros(I can't even find a decent instruction set reference)11:54
stekernwhat about the arch spec?12:50
Lysandroswell, don't know if I've been looking at the right documents but the info seemed incomplete, outdated or both16:24
Lysandrosdepending on the source16:25
LysandrosI was wondering what the official reference was for this kind of stuff16:25
jeremybennettLysandros: You might get more bandwidth on the #opencores channel.16:30
jeremybennettIf you have the architectural manual from SVN it should be pretty up to date.16:30
Lysandrosyeah, I guess... I thought I might find a appropriate subset of opencores enthusiasts here :P16:32
Lysandroswell, at the very worst I could check the source, I suppose16:32
Lysandrosah,I found it, it was in the svn indeed16:36
Lysandroswell, not very updated tho16:37
* Lysandros shrugs and checks the code16:38
stekernit was uodated last year, how fresh do you need? ;)17:15
Lysandroswell, it wasn't a matter of being outdated but rather not too detailed :P17:17
Lysandros(tbh documenting always sucks)17:17
Lysandros(i fI wasn't forced to at work, I'd probably only have napkins)17:18
stekernthat's the document I was referring too17:18
stekernI think it's pretty ok, but sure documentation could always be better17:19
jeremybennettLysandros: What additional detail do you need? I thought this documented the semantics of the FP instruction set as well as any architectural spec I have ever seen.19:18
jeremybennettBut it is an architectural spec, not a detailed design document (those really don't exist for OpenRISC0.19:19
Lysandroswell, I was wondering about the degree of implementation of the FPU, instruction set, kind of execution units, that stuff, but with the pdfs and the sources now I have a pretty good idea19:21
stekernyou are probably right that the or1200 documentation is a bit weak in that regard, I don't think I have even looked through the or1200 documentation properly20:13
stekerndoing as you say, use the arch spec and look at sources is the best bet there I reckoon20:14
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