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unicosstekern: what's the trick to getting your orpsoc de0-nano port talking to gdb?17:51
unicosstekern: I've tried both adv_jtag_bridge and openocd and I can't load code17:53
_franckw_unicos: openocd is not working with the altera virtual jtag (I'm working on it)18:07
_franckw_you have to use adv_jtag_bridge18:07
_franckw_with the virtual jtag tap18:08
unicos_franckw_: ADV_DBG_IF and ALTERA_JTAG_TAP?18:10
unicosthanks! I haven't actually changed the orpsoc-defines.v file before, so maybe it has a good chance of working for me now :)18:11
unicosdidn't realize it was using a generic tap with a legacy interface by default18:13
_franckw_then ./adv_debug_sys ft245 (usb-blaster option doesn't work for me)18:14
unicosyeah, I didn't get as far with the usb-blaster option either18:15
_franckw_you also have to put the BSDL file of your cyclone in the adv_debug_sys directory18:15
unicosexcellent, it didn't complain about CRC errors this time18:17
unicosloading u-boot through gdb didn't crash the bridge18:18
_franckw_I had a very hard time with the bridge18:19
_franckw_I stopped try using it, now I'm working on porting openocd to adv_debug_if hardware18:20
_franckw_I'm almost done18:20
unicosI see18:20
unicosjust looking for a way to attach a serial terminal to see the program output now18:25
_franckw_there is a virtual uart in the adv_dbg_if but I never used it18:30
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