IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-03-07

jonibo_derRichard: binutils-svn just mirrors the opencores svn repo... there have no changes there for about 15 months07:28
axxlq1Hi. Is there any way to patch the linux kernel with rtai for openrisc?09:38
axxlq1I want to port linuxCNC to or1k. Am I in my mind?:-D09:40
joniboaxxiq1: ah linuxCNC... that brings back memories10:31
joniboi doubt if you'll be able to easily put the rtai patches on the openrisc kernel10:31
jonibobetter approach may be the linux-rt kernel10:32
jonibobut I've never had time to look into that in any depth10:32
joniboi would start by just trying to get linuxCNC to work on the kernel we have... and once that's running, running it on a realtime kernel is essentially an optimization10:33
axxlq1well, thank you and on this one.10:37
jonibois there any way to "reset" the or1200 via software... in order to cause it to "reboot"?12:15
derRichardjonibo: doesn't this depend on the board where you have your openrisc running?12:39
joniboas far as I can tell, yes... was just hoping for a different answer12:44
derRichardmaybe there is some nasty trick to trigger a machine reset :D12:48
stekernyeah, I don't think there is another way than jumping to the reset address, and that is implementation specific too13:16
jonibostekern: i did try that, as per your suggestion... did not work, though14:07
stekernhmm, strange, what if you force npc?14:12
jonibol.jr should have the same effect... haven't tried forcing npc14:13
stekern(that's not very elegant I know, but just as a test)14:13
jonibowill give that a try14:13
stekernI tried forcing npc over the debugger yesterday, and that did work14:14
stekern(you did turn off mmus etc before jumping, right?)14:15
stekernlike, only let SM be set in SR14:16
joniboyes, I turned off mmu.... didn't have gdb around so I couldn't tell where it was getting stuck14:17
joniboit didn't jump to u-boot, in any case14:18
jonibopossible that it's not really in a "reset" state and that's why it doesn't work... nand controller or something needs to be reset?14:18
stekerncould be14:21
joniboI guess that's kind of my question... is there some general reset line that gets asserted for all the cores so that everything gets nicely reset and the system cleanly rebooted?14:21
joniboor is that also implementation specific?14:22
stekernthere is, but what it is connected to is implementation specific14:22
jonibocan it be asserted from software?14:23
stekerncurrently, no. but it wouldn't be hard to implement14:23
jonibook... i'll try to poke at the jump-to-reset with gdb later and see what it's doing...14:24
stekerngood luck!14:24

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