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jonibostekern: having trouble building u-boot:  undefined reference to `ethoc_initialize'15:23
jonibo??? any diea15:23
joniboarch/openrisc/lib/libopenrisc.o: In function `board_init':15:26
jonibo/home/jonas/u-boot/arch/openrisc/lib/board.c:148: undefined reference to `eth_initialize'15:26
joniboarch/openrisc/lib/libopenrisc.o:(.rodata+0x8): undefined reference to `env_init'15:26
joniboarch/openrisc/lib/libopenrisc.o:(.rodata+0xc): undefined reference to `serial_init'15:26
stekernnot from the top of my head15:44
stekernbut I'll look into it15:44
stekernwhat board are you trying to build?15:44
joniboboth rtu-lite and or-generic15:59
jonibowill dig more later, myself, but let me know if you get any ideas15:59
jonibomostly out after the mkimage file to get a uImage into shape15:59
stekernworks here, but: master   a579015 [ahead 440] :/16:12
stekernI'll pull in from mainline, test and push16:13
stekernbut otoh, a fresh checkout builds cleanly too here16:28
stekernoh, glorious regressions18:50
stekernjonibo: I pushed an up-to-date u-boot now18:57

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