IRC logs for #openrisc Friday, 2012-02-10

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Lampusjonibo_: jonibo: What version of gcc is up-to-date on ?09:41
LampusToo many repos. And I don't know what difference between them =\09:47
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Lampus_/usr/lib/gcc//../../or32-elf/newlib/crt0.o: In function `_start': (.text+0x1e4): undefined reference to `init'13:05
Lampus$ or32-elf-gcc -L./ hello.c -o hello /usr/lib/gcc//../../or32-elf/lib/crt0.o: In function `_start': (.text+0x1e4): undefined reference to `init'15:43
LampusI can't understand... WTF?15:43
LampusWhere I should search symbol init?15:44
LampusHehe =) I have added function void init(); to hello.c, and now it compiled sucessfully15:48
LampusAnd seems works in or1ksim15:49
LampusBut it's strange15:49
Lampusjonibo: juliusb: Any ideas?15:51
joniborun gcc with -v to see linking order15:54
jonibocan't recall where init is defined but I think it's in libc (i.e. newlib)15:54
jonibopass -mnewlib on the command line and see what happens15:54
joniboor rather pass -mboard=or1ksim15:55
joniboare you on 4.5.3 or 4.5.1 branch?15:55
jonibowith 4.5.3 branch you need newlib from git because I reworked handling of libgloss board files to make gcc relocatable15:56
jonibonot sure where you got your newlib from15:56
Lampusfrom downloads section on site. Maybe too old?15:57
joniboyeah, probably too old15:57
joniboI don't know about the status of that opencores stuff... it's usually out of date15:57
LampusWhere I can find latest versions of binutils, gcc and newlib?16:00
joniboI think those are up to date16:01
joniboor check with pgavin16:01
jonibojuliusb's repo at github has a work-in-progress binutils, if you're feeling adventurous16:01
LampusI have built gcc from this repo: git://
jonibook, yeah, that should be ok16:02
joniboi can't be of much more help right now but I might have some time to look into this stuff this weekend...16:20
joniboif so, I can give you some more information about what/how to build this stuff then16:20
Lampusjonibo: thank you for the hints, after rebuilding newlib from git all works fine =)16:23
jonibook, cool16:24
jonibojust keep in mind that git:// requires the or32-4.5.3 branch of gcc from git:// as there's a fix to the board support bits that requires fixes to each of these packages16:25
jonibootherwise, just back up one commit in newlib and everything should work fine with most of the other gcc versions16:25
jonibophew, what a mess16:25
jonibowill need to get this all sorted out16:25
joniboit's not that bad... just a lot of work in progress that hasn't been rounded off in a nice way16:26
LampusYeah, so many problems for newbie =)16:26
jonibosorry about that :)16:26
LampusThank you again, and bye16:27

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