IRC logs for #openrisc Wednesday, 2012-02-01

kristianpaulWhat volume you will OpenRISC ASIC be?06:11
jonibothere will probably never be an openrisc asic10:43
juliusbwell not a dedicated one, but probably there's already other chips out there that you could track down and feed or1k code, but you'd need to know exactly how't is put together16:40
kristianpaultrack sounds good :)18:21
kristianpaulany ideas where to start?18:21
Blokkristianpaul: May I ask why you want to track them down?18:22
BlokI am just curious :)18:24
kristianpaulto run fastee openrisc implementations rather than fpga?18:25
kristianpaulof course, for me fpga are way to go18:25
kristianpaulrecofigurable power ;)18:25
kristianpaulbut nah, just cheap talk  i'm too lazy for track chips right now..18:26
BlokI figured, but you loose some much of the soft-power.18:26

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