IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2012-01-24

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* kristianpaul came in peace20:09
kristianpaulstekern: you said had tested openrisk on M1?20:12
kristianpaulhave a pubic repo somewhere?20:12
kristianpaulbtw with sdram support or just some on-chip ram?20:12
kristianpaulsorry ask this here i dint want to get lekernel get started more :)20:13
juliusbkristianpaul: I'll speak for stekern a little bit in saying that I've asked him to keep that processor source closed while I work out some issues with my current employer regarding releasing it, but I'm hoping that'll be sorted out within a couple/few weeks and after that we plan on releasing our work on the processor so far21:00
kristianpauloh ok21:04
kristianpaulThanks for let me know :)21:05
juliusbwe'll poke you guys when it's out and when we want you to try it out21:06

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