IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2011-12-22

juliusbhe keeps greating and leaving...01:30
juliusbFranck_: hi17:46
Franck_hello julius17:48
Franck_last night I looked at online material to know where to start with the or120018:13
Franck_minsoc looks too complicate18:14
Franck_I'll start with orsoc quartus project18:14
juliusbthey're all complicated to a degree18:24
juliusbbut the mailing lists are usually pretty helpful18:25
Franck_yes but I think it stops people using the openrisc proc18:25
Franck_it is not user friendly18:25
Franck_I'll go to the learning process to get it work, no problem18:26
Franck_Then, I'll try to write something like a step by step doc to get something working18:27
Franck_it's time to go home see ya18:35
juliusbsounds good19:28
Franck_I was about to ask why the orsoc quartus project gives me an error but I wasn't running the v11.022:48
Franck_v10.1 triggered an error22:49
stekernis that the quartus project in the virtual machine you are speaking about?23:10
stekernah, ok, I haven't looked at that23:11
Franck_but I make it build23:11
stekerngood ;)23:11
Franck_do you have an idea of the fmax on an midle range fpga ?23:11
stekerncyclone iv gives around 50 MHz23:12
Franck_on orsoc, fmax is set to 20MHz and, with this low frequ, timing not met...23:12
Franck_project defaut setting23:12
stekernok, again, I'm not to familiar with that23:12
Franck_on what platform are you using or1200 ?23:13
stekernI've only ran orpsocv2 on my de0 nano board, and that meets 50 MHz23:13
stekernbut that's pretty minimal, just uart, jtag debugger and VGA23:14
Franck_that what I was about to try23:14
stekernthat is the only altera board I've used, I meant23:14
Franck_could you please give me your quartus project to save me some time ?23:15
Franck_(if you don't have any personal stuff inside)23:16
stekerndon't mind at all, it's publicly available here: git://
Franck_cool thanks23:18
Franck_the 2 soc I've seen (minsoc and the on in the vbox) are to big23:19
Franck_I'd like to start small23:19
Franck_I can't avane build the doc :)23:31
stekerndo you have all the dependencies?23:33
stekernI don't think I have written anything in there about the de0 nano board23:33
Franck_i'll install texinfo and other23:34
Franck_ok I'll read the doc23:39
Franck_I'll try to make a running desing out of the orpsoc environment23:40
Franck_I think it is too far from hardware guys23:41
stekernhow do you mean?23:43
Franck_for me we should see a quatus project file in the altera/board folder23:43
Franck_then you clic compile23:43
Franck_you download it23:44
Franck_and it runs23:44
stekernah, but then you need to open that bulky ugly gui ;)23:44
Franck_most of my teamates never write any command line23:44
stekernif you run make all in boards/altera/de0_nano/syn/quartus/run/ it will spit out a .qpf you can open in the gui23:45
Franck_I'm the only one with one foot on the dark side23:45
Franck_yeah may be but if you want people start using or1200 we have to make it simple23:46
Franck_ALTERA_PATH environment variable not set. Set it and rerun23:46
Franck_see ? :)23:47
Franck_I haven't install quartus under linux23:47
Franck_use cygwin ?23:47
stekernyeah, it's kind of have acknowledged that orpsocv2 isn't the most userfriendly beast23:48
stekernwork is undergoing to make things better23:48
Franck_yeah but you guys are "command line" guys :)23:49
Franck_think easy23:49
stekernI think the goal is to make it more userfriendly from the command line, though ;)23:50
Franck_I'll take care of doing a quartus project for the NEEK board23:51
Franck_that's my goal23:51
Franck_I did port barebox to or120023:53
Franck_It should be on the barebox master tree soon23:53
Franck_it runs on simu23:53
stekernah, yes, nice work23:54
Franck_I almost took all of your uboot port :)23:55
stekernwell, that's what open source is for :)23:56
stekernI in turned worked off what juliusb started, he did the grunt job of the initial u-boot port23:57
stekerns/in turned/in turn23:57
Franck_did the uboot port will bacome offical soon ?23:57
stekerndepends on the u-boot maintainers, the patches are on the list, basically just waiting to be applied23:58

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