IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2011-12-01

stekernvery interesting manual indeed, thanks for the link04:39
stekernthat samsung open source initiative is pretty cool05:08
stekernjuliusb: I saw your comment about the samsung one being hard to diff05:38
stekernI'm using this when in need to compare huge changesets:
stekernit's IMO the best free (as in beer) mergetool available05:39
juliusbah cool, I think olof was using that to diff some stuff and he showed me it at fscons12:09
juliusbmaybe i should try some old OR1200 RTL against it12:09
juliusb(aginst the samesung one)12:09
stekernI did a quick look-through against the current svn head, didn't see any huge differences12:11
juliusbyeah I was wondering about little bugs like l.rfe that you found, etc.12:12
juliusbthings that might be veyr useful to have12:12
stekernsure, but without an MMU that would never happen12:29
stekernbut I understand what you mean12:29
juliusbyeah true12:41
juliusbbut it looks like a nice pared back version12:41
juliusbso for a few reasons, I'm thinking of going for a weak copyleft license that will should apply to the source be it used in FPGA or ASIC19:52

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